Party Decor: Not Your Average Piñata

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With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, I got to thinking about piñatas and how I used to love having them at my birthday parties when I was a kid.  They were always the highlight, and of course you wanted to be the one who cracked it open and got the first shot at all the candy. Piñatas are also an easy DIY party element, one year I had an Easter themed party and my mom made brightly colored Easter Egg piñata that was a big hit. I have found some not-so-average ways to incorporate piñatas into your next event but I can guarantee they will be a big hit!

These little guys were the whole reason I got to thinking about piñatas in the first place. Piñata cookies, perfect for Cinco de Mayo or any other fiesta you are planning. They are simply just sugar cookies  with the dough colored with food coloring and stacked. Then you make a little well inside the cookies to fill with m&ms and place another layer of dough on top and then when you crack open these cookies, SURPRISE! There is candy in the middle, just like real piñatas. I seriously want to make these so bad now! (via She Knows)

I love this DIY made from a paper lantern which is something I never thought about using when making a piñata. All you do is layer the lantern with streamers of your choice and it makes a neat ruffled effect. Since there is usually a hole in the top, you fill your lantern piñata with the goodies and hang up for everyone to take a swing at. It is a little sad that something so pretty gets beat up isn’t it? Oh well, at least with these piñatas, they are so easy to make, you can just keep on making them. (via Urban Scarlet)

Have you ever thought about having a piñata at your wedding reception? I’m kind of thinking it would be a fun activity! This couple had a cake piñata and filled it with their favorite sweet treats for guests to take home as party favors. I am all for filling up piñatas with your favorite treats,  I think it adds a fun but personal touch to your reception. (via Debra Gulbas Photography)

So we know that piñatas aren’t just for kids and I think that Confetti System’s wide selection of gorgeous piñatas are just the perfect adult piñata for parties. But what should you fill an adult piñata up with? Consider filling it up with gift cards, $5 dollars to Starbucks or an Itunes card. Maybe hit up the liquor store and pick up the mini plastic bottles of liquor they sell, you can’t pass up free beverages from a pinata! Other ideas might be: mini bags of coffee, packs of gum and of course candy because even though we are adults- everyone loves candy!  (via Confetti System )

If you are throwing a Cinco de Mayo fiesta this week, consider picking up a piñata when you go to the party store. It will be a definite hit with guests young and old!

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    i love your cookies! they look incredible, will deffo attempt making them for the next event to go with the El Burro Donkey Pinata :-) they match!! It’s such a good idea, somehow I don’t think mine will look as good as your beautys!

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