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Real Mitzvahs

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Following a Friday night dinner catered by the incomparable Shane’s BBQ, Benji and his family woke up Saturday morning full of excitement for the big day.  After the Bar Mitzvah service at the synagogue, guests enjoyed a Kiddush Lunch.  March Madness was the theme for Benji’s dinner celebration, complete with a basketball court dance floorRead More

  • Levin Bat Mitzvah
  • Levin Bat Mitzvah
  • Levin Bat Mitzvah

The Bat Mitzvah celebration for Atlantan teen, Sari, was the perfect combination of elegant and youthful touches, the feminine and rustic décor paired with unique and unexpected twists that had guests talking for weeks afterward.  Tones of blue, turquoise, teal and lime were used to create an atmosphere unique to Sari’s personality, the prominent focalRead More

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Get ready for a Bar Mitzvah so big that eleven trucks were dispatched from Atlanta all the way to Chattanooga for the spectacular “All About Murray” weekend!  Murray designed the logo for the event himself, and the sharp, contemporary symbol was seen everywhere: on custom neon signs, wine bottle labels, socks, and a myriad ofRead More

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Guests knew ahead of time the fun they were bound to have at Miss Allessandra’s Bat Mitzvah at Hampton Hall even before the big day arrived.  Invitations were delivered inside ornate Tiffany-blue boxes, the chevron-patterned paper tied with ribbon and a delicate starfish charm.  The ocean theme carried over to Allessandra’s big day with elegant,Read More

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Lifelong friends, Ben and Jared have been pretty much inseparable since pre-school.  So when plans for Bar Mitzvahs commenced, it only made sense that the two whose birthdays are close together would share the milestone with one big party.  By the time they invited their friends, and each of their parents’ friends, the guest listRead More

The latest from our local editions

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Airbrush tattoos, a green screen for cool pictures with guests, Dippin’ Dots ice cream, all encompassed by sports-themed decor.  It’s no surprise that Adam and his guests were wowed by the Bar Mitzvah celebration held at the Dunwoody Country Club.  Each of Adam’s guests received customized basketball jerseys with a specially designed logo for Adam onRead More

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There was so much about Josh’s Bar Mitzvah celebration that literally made it the most rockin’ party we’ve seen in a long time.  The theme of the event was Joshapalooza, and the guest of honor definitely delivered.  Josh is a huge rock music fan and a drummer, so it was the perfect start to theRead More

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Elegant tones of purple arranged in pallets of ombre bouquets of flowers lent an air of festive commonality among the different events leading up to Rebecca’s Bat Mitzvah dinner celebration.  The affair began with a Bat Mitzvah-eve Friday night dinner, followed the next morning by Rebecca’s Bat Mitzvah service and luncheon.  When guests arrived thatRead More

The latest from our local editions

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Following an elegant Bar Mitzvah service, Jared and his family wowed guests with a celebration that knocked their socks off!  A sleek, navy “JR” logo greeted guests at the door, and while the adults began the evening mingling and enjoying cocktails, Jared and his friends had a blast in a smaller ballroom of the InterContinentalRead More

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Snow fell from the ceilings as Miss Carly walked into her enchanted evening celebration, her new hand-designed dress made to fit her sweet personality to perfection.  Whimsical images of trees projected onto the walls accentuated the fantastical theme of the evening, accentuated by crystal-draped wrought iron trees at the center of each table.  Soft candlelight,Read More

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Miss Alyssa arrived to her Bat Mitzvah celebration to see her name in lights.  A lover of all things Broadway, the girl of the hour has starred in a few shows herself and loves the world of lights and glamour more than anything.  Guests entered the event at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center onRead More

  • Stovroff Bat Mitzvah
  • Stovroff Bat Mitzvah
  • Stovroff Bat Mitzvah

When Merrill and her mother Mary found out the date of her Bat Mitzvah (February 14th) nearly three years in advance, they knew they’d have plenty of time to plan the ultimate Mitzvah celebration that their friends and family alike had yet to experience.  Mary, a former meeting planner, knew all the ins and outsRead More

  • Goldstein Bar Mitzvah Signing Book Pictures
  • Goldstein Bar Mitzvah Signing Book Pictures
  • Goldstein Bar Mitzvah Signing Book Pictures

Emma Weinstein looks like a young Audrey Hepburn with her vibrant eyes and lush dark hair.  And just like Holly Golightly, Emma loves Tiffany’s and their distinctive blue.  So it’s no wonder that event planner Sharon Fisher came up with “Emma & Co.” as the theme for her Bat Mitzvah, which was held at TWELVERead More

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In the fall of 2012, Samantha celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with a ‘purple and peace sign’ celebration at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort.  The venue was bathed in the color purple, Samantha’s favorite color since she was a little girl.  The peace sign logo was incorporated in places like the escort table which was customizedRead More

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In this “From Bat Mitzvah to Broadway” themed celebration, Diva With a Fork transformed the Loews Don CeSar Hotel into a thespian’s paradise.  As guests arrived at the ‘theatre’, they found their escort card cookies with different award winning show posters which led them to their respective table assignments with centerpieces adorned with a variety ofRead More