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Birthday Parties

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Now and then in our adult lives, we all look at the pictures from a kid’s birthday celebration and think: “What?!  That’s amazing!  I wish I were little again!”  And for me, this is definitely one of those parties.  When Tanya Hendricks of Southern Charm Weddings & Events asked her granddaughter what kind of party she wanted forRead More

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Time flies!  We all know this, but perhaps none so well as parents watching their little ones grow up.  Just the first year of a child’s life can truly pass in the blink of an eye, especially for a mom!  Therefore, when her daughter’s first birthday drew near, Caridad of Cary Diaz Photography captured this ideaRead More

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What little girl doesn’t love all things fashion, all things funky, all things fun?  For one very special little girl, her birthday party, planned by her mother, Sebrell, was made up of all three.  McAlister and nine of her friends arrived to her party to learn that they were to be fashion designers!  Each of the girls chose fromRead More

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Rummage through your closet for your neon windbreakers, gold chains, and shell toe Adidas, because this 80s and 90s themed birthday bash is too “bad” to miss!  Lauren of Elle’s Couture Events knew when planning her 30th birthday party last October that she wanted to pay homage to her two favorite decades, so, using the whiteRead More

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Birthdays are usually a pretty big deal, but landmark birthdays, those are HUGE.  So it comes as no surprise that Bob Alligood’s surprise eightieth birthday celebration was months in the making.  The soirée planned by Fem Event Design went off without a hitch and had friends and family alike talking for weeks after.  The New Orleans themedRead More

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Every once in a while you stumble across something that quite literally takes your breath away, something so brimming with heart, with sweetness, that you can’t help but share it.  Such is the case with the fourth birthday celebration Karen Ayars put together for her daughter, Lauren.  The Cinderella theme was planned with a sweetly fresh twist, the focus ofRead More

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When Kylie realized the song “Do Re Mi” could lull her baby daughter to sleep and keep her little princess entertained, it was an instant favorite for mommy and daughter alike.  So when it came to planning Megan’s second birthday party, Kylie knew that The Sound of Music would be the perfect theme!  Months of preparation went into decipheringRead More

The latest from our local editions

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Saddle up your horses, because this is a birthday party you don’t want to miss!  Austin has always loved cowboys, so for his 6th birthday he requested that his mom, Jennifer Shields of Posh Tot Events, plan a fun Wild West themed celebration.  The day of the party arrived, and the scene left Austin’s friendsRead More

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Event planner Helena Paschal‘s daughter, Christina, loves the Disney television show Doc McStuffins!  It is a series about a little girl who dreams of growing up to become a doctor, and she practices by giving check-ups to her toys which come to life when she wears her magical stethoscope.  So as Christina’s fourth birthday drewRead More

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When his beautiful wife Akima’s 40th birthday rolled around last summer, Marc could think of no better way to celebrate than a surprise party among family and friends!  Plans were formed in secret, and with the help of some talented vendors, Marc’s vision for a stylish and vibrant outdoor celebration was brought to life atRead More

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Pasadena Playhouse board member Sheila and her husband, Mark, are well-known among their social circle for throwing unforgettable parties, and her 1960s themed birthday bash was no exception!  The “Woodstock” celebration was truly a trip back in time!  Guests wearing vibrant hippie garb arrived at the Playhouse, where they hopped on board a party bus toRead More

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Bright, bold, and beautiful, the sweet sixteen celebration for these two best friends was a party beyond compare!  With little instruction for The Big Event Team besides including vibrant colors, cool patterns, and loads of fun, Katey and Brittany handed the reins over to the planning company so that the talented team could work its magic. Read More

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  • Red_and_Pink_Sweetheart_Themed_First_Birthday_Party_StaceyBrandonPhotography&Design_occasionsonline_022
  • Red_and_Pink_Sweetheart_Themed_First_Birthday_Party_StaceyBrandonPhotography&Design_occasionsonline_027

Guests were treated to one ‘sweetheart’ of a party for Avery’s 1st birthday.  Held at the Boca Raton Children’s Museum just after Valentine’s Day, guests arrived in the morning and had free reign of the entire museum and enjoyed time in different areas including a grocery store, bank and dress-up room.  Guests crafted personal crowns andRead More

The latest from our local editions

  • Pink_and_Zebra_Print_Daytime_Slumber_Party_LaurenNicoleStudios_occasionsonline_037
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Every little girl loves slumber parties.  For Ava’s eighth birthday, she and 12 of her friends were treated to a “Pajama Jam Spa” daytime slumber party.  Guests arrived at Posh Tot Events in Roswell decked out in pajamas to custom tables made to look like beds with headboards crafted out of corduroy zebra print fabrics,Read More

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What could be more adorable than having an old-fashioned birthday inspired by the Little House on the Prairie book series?  Not much.  Camille’s ninth birthday, held at a neighbor’s farm, was filled with quaint western charm starting with a vintage handkerchief that served as the invitation.  As guests arrived, they were immediately transported to theRead More