Hanging Lights + Lanterns at Wedding Receptions

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Imagine you’re at a outdoor reception and you look up, but with disheartening disappointment to only see the night sky. I don’t know about you, but when I look up at wedding receptions I hope to see starry lights, lanterns, candles, and even paper lanterns.  So don’t disappoint your guests!  It is about the whole picture, when you step back and look at your wedding reception you want to see all of the beautiful details around you, but above you as well. Empty trees at the reception? Add some candles. Empty space between two buildings? Get those white christmas lights out and start decorating!

hanging decor

Hanging lights have been very popular in our real weddings, especially with our outdoor reception areas. Couple Kaylan and Jacob had the idea of putting both lanterns and paper lanterns in the trees. Together they look stunning. Another real wedding had lights hanging above the lawn at JCT Kitchen in Atlanta, also known as their dance floor. It was no surprise that they made out for great pictures. At a event design competition a different set of lights were featured that had pearl drips. Nothing can get more elegant than pearls on party lights. Add a little light to your outdoor reception and just like that the venue comes alive. Are you planning on having lights at your wedding reception? Let us know here at Occasions!

Lights at JCT Kitchen: Archor & Eden | Lanterns: Brandelyn Lee Photography | Lights with Pearl Drips: Artstar Photography

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