Ideas for Celebrating Your Best Friends on Valentine’s Day

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One of my favorite shows on tv is NBC’s Parks&Recreation. On one episode Amy Poehler’s character Leslie, comes up with “Gal”entine’s day instead of Valentine’s day as a way to show appreciation to her best friends. Everyone leaves their boyfriends or husbands at home and all the gal’s get together to celebrate their friendship. While Valentine’s Day is fun, I kind of want to throw my own “Gal”entine’s day with all my best friends. Here are some ideas for your own celebration with your besties!

I found this really cute card on Etsy and on the inside it actually says Happy Galentine’s Day. I think these could double as invitations to your party. The Lady Grey boutique has a collection of Galentine’s day cards, perfect for this day! I know I wouldn’t mind getting one of these cards in the mail, they are so fun! (via Lady Grey Boutique)

When I think of spending a day with my best friends, I think about wanting to relax and have fun. What better way  than to set up at DIY Spa Day? Get some of your favorite spa items and set them up at your house to sit around and relax with your gals. Play relaxing music and do your own face masks. By doing it yourself you save a lot of money rather than going to the real spa but you will have just as a great time. (via Amy Atlas)

It can’t be a relaxing day without some mimosas! Try setting up a mimosa bar with different types of juices and fruit to mix with your champagne! Imagine how yummy some of these would taste! I am wanting to try some of these different ones out ASAP. A mimosa bar could also be good for a bridal shower or bachelorette weekend. (via Dave Richardson Photography)

Now this is kind of silly but I think for Galentines day it would be really fun and yummy! This is actually an avocado and cheese ball made to look like a woman at the spa. Since you are having a spa day why not make this fun little treat. Hungry Happenings has all the instructions on how to make your own spa lady cheeseball. Friends can have a good laugh and a good snack with this! (via Hungry Happenings)

And for a take home “treat,” make these spa milkshakes topped with a loofa and filled with bubble baths and bath salts we found on Another way for your friends to treat themselves when they head back home. Other party favor ideas could be a collection of your favorite relaxing things (nail polish, magazines, etc..) or maybe some homemade treats.

After throwing your first Galentine’s day party, you and your friends will be sure to make it a tradition!

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