Crafts & Cocktails: Ideas for a Grown-Up DIY Night

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When I have the time (which is rare!) I love to craft. I have a list of ideas that I want to try thanks to Pinterest and the list keeps on growing! I started to think about what a great idea it would be to have a “Crafts and Cocktails” night with my best gal pals where we sat around, sipped on cocktails and made crafts all night. Doesn’t that sound like a night of fun? It does to me! It is a great way to get together with your best friends, catch up on each other’s lives and make those crafts you have been dying to make!

Let’s talk invitations! Invitations are one of my favorite aspects when planning a party and these invitations are too stinkin cute! Take a wooden spool of thread, wrap around some yarn and place the tiny invitation at the end. Perfect for a craft night! If you are worried about postage maybe just wrap the invitation up in yarn that will fit well in envelopes so you can mail them out! (via Casey Baudoin)

I love this table display which is perfect for a Cocktails and Crafts night! The “Your my Favorite Work of Art” canvas can show how much your best friends mean to you while also making for a colorful piece of art. All the vases are covered with yarn to add a crafty touch! No matter what craft you decide to make, I think that yarn makes for a playful element for a craft night and there are so many colors you can choose from with yarn to add a colorful touch to the night! (via Gabriel Ryan Photography)

Of course it wouldn’t be a Crafts&Cocktails night without cocktails! I love this display with yet another yarn element! The “SIP” sign is available as a free printable on Cakes Likes a Party so you can use these cute graphics for your craft night! Set out a variety of cocktails in a tin bucket for a classic look! If you are looking for an untraditional cocktail, consider coming up with a signature “craft night” cocktail that you and your girlfriends can enjoy for the night! (via Cakes Likes a Party )

Can’t decide on a craft for your and all your friends? Well jewelry is always a great craft because its something you know you can use! I love this DIY wrap bracelet with beads and twine- super easy but super cute! Other jewelry ideas might be some necklaces or earrings. If you can’t decide just tell you girlfriends to bring supplies for a craft they have been itching to make so you all can get ideas for future craft nights! (via Honestly WTF)

So what are you waiting for? Call up your girlfriends and schedule a Crafts&Cocktails night!

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