Cascading Cake Designs Overflow with Flowers, Fruits, Macaroons and More

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You could say that cake designs are limitless.  Last week we discovered all the wonderful ways of textured cakes and today we’ve got our eye on cascading cake designs.  The beauty is, with today’s modern confectioners you don’t just have to opt for cascading flowers, cake designers are decorating their creations with fruits, macaroons, shapes made with fondant and more!  I found six new styles for you to consider below.  Which one is your favorite?

First we start with the traditional cascading flower design.  I’m loving the bold black and white look of the anemone flower via Planet Cake.  On the right I loved the luscious look of this chocolate cake with cascading strawberries I found here.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day don’t you think?

You’ve seen macaroon towers before but what about traditional cake with cascading macaroons?  I love this idea of adding our favorite french confection to cake as an extra sweet treat I found here.  My most favorite cascading cake design I found on All Things Pretty was the confetti toppling over the side of the cake above.  It looks as if the fondant confetti circles are overflowing from a jar set a top the cake and collecting on each layer.

Instead of regular flowers cascading down your cake, how about rolled paper flowers?  I thought this was a cute idea to bring in that crafty edge.  You can find a tutorial on how to make these flowers here. Lastly if fruits or flowers or confections aren’t your think, this ruffled cascading design of fondant I found here is quite colorful too.

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    Beautiful work on all of these.

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