Bridal Shower Gift: Wine Basket Poem Tutorial + Free Download

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A few months ago I attended my cousin Kimberly’s peacock themed bridal shower in West Palm Beach, FL.  I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to buy from the registry, but rather find something unique and memorable to gift to the bride-to-be so, my mom suggested this unique gift she found on Amazing Bridal Showers: a wine basket.  Big woop right?  Wrong.  The wine basket gift comes with six poems, one for each wine bottle, that signify the first six big days the new couple will encounter in their marriage.  The poems are very cute!

I decided to get a little more creative with the project and design these wine tags for each poem and color coordinate the basket.  Below is a picture tour of the wine basket gift with information on the items I used to create the basket and a free download of the tags I created.  Let me know if you opt to use this gift idea for your next bridal shower gift!

The wine basket gift can be anything you make of it.  I chose white and lime green for the colors and picked up this white basket at Michaels.  I bought lime green ribbon and crinkle paper for filler at Sam Flax and the wine at Publix.

I printed the tags on sturdy white card stock paper and cut them out with scallop scissors you can buy at any craft store.  Above are all the supplies you’ll need.. sans basket.  PS – pardon my horrible cutting job on the tags pictured above.  Clearly, I need a lesson in cutting straight lines. Warning.. those scissors are tricky.



Ta-dah!  So you can create this gift in a snap too, click here to download the green tags I created in PDF format and print them out.

If you’re looking for other color options, click here to download 12 other colors like red, blue, black, pink and more!


I no longer provide the editable illustrator files for these tags.  I found several readers who had taken my designs and were selling identical pieces on Etsy.  ;-(  So I had to remove them.  Sorry!

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  1. Linda Burt, Independent Willow House Design Consultant

    Love the Wine Basket and tags! CLEVER! I absolutely LOVE it!

  2. Laura

    Love the basket! What wines did you use for Christmas Eve and baby?

  3. Crystal Velasquez

    Hi Heather,

    I LOVE your idea! It’d be perfect for my friend’s bachelorette party that she is having at a winery. However, I couldn’t get the PDF to open, it was a blank document. Is there anyway you could email the tags to me? I’d forever be grateful. This is the absolute perfect gift for her!

    Thank you,
    Crystal Velasquez

    • Donna

      I couldn’t get PDF to open either. If u figured it out please e-mail HELP PLEASE

  4. Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

    Hi Crystal – Thanks! I just checked the download link and it seems to be working fine on our end. I’ll email you the file this afternoon. ;-)

    • Donna

      ME TOO……… I Couldn’t get it to work either

  5. Lisa

    Hello Heather: The wine basket you created is just beautiful and so tasteful. I have been asked to make one for a friend and was wondering if you could email me the word document so I could change the color of the font! I would be so grateful! I will never be able to recreate your work on my own!

    Thank you!

  6. Bridgette

    This is the cutest thing ever! I also was wondering if you are able to send me an editable verison of the PDF to change the color of the font to match her color’s. Very cute and creative!!

    • Marilena

      Anyway you can send me editable PDF version pretty please. Love this idea!

  7. Rita

    I just used this idea for a Bridal Shower and it was the star of the shower. The tags downloaded perfectly and we (3 of us went in together) had so much fun looking for wine bottle labels that matched the tags. ie: Mommy’s Time Out for First Baby and Simply Naked for Wedding Night. The bride-to-be read each tag and corresponding wine label and we laughed and laughed.

    I can’t THANK YOU enough for posting your amazing idea and sharing your oh so creative labels that really made the wine basket “pop”. Can’t wait to do it all over again for another Bridal Shower.

  8. Sara

    Hi Heather – – I love this idea! It’s totally adorable – I was wondering if you are able to email me an editable verison of the PDF to change the color of the font to match my friend’s wedding colors.

  9. Danielle

    I did the wine poem for one of my friends bridal shower and it was such a big hit. My sister in law is getting married and I think we are going to do the wine poem for her as well. I absolutely love what you did for the tags, such a great idea!!! Her colors are pink and a light pink, so I was wondering if you would be able to email me the format for the labels so I could do them in her wedding colors. I would greatly appreciate it if you could! Thank you so much and thanks for sharing!!

  10. Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

    HI Everyone! I’m working on making these available on other colors for you! I can’t make an Editable PDF that allows you to change the colors, but I can make the original Illustrator files available. Will post a new link later this week. ;-)

    • cheryl

      can you tell me the brand names of the wines used for the tagged basket for a bridal shower?

  11. Sara Baeth

    Thanks, Heather! I am really excited to put this together for a friend and excited for you to upload the Illustrator files!

  12. Sara

    Hi Heather – Thank you so much for sharing this information. I was wondering if you were able to post the Illustrator file. I am eager to begin working on this project for an upcoming shower!

  13. Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

    Hello all! Alas, I have finally uploaded the illustrator files for you!!! The download includes a zip file with 2 illustrator files and also the PDF version. I’ve converted the fonts to outlines so, if you know how to work illustrator, all you should have to do is change the colors. Good luck and have fun!

    • Colleen

      Hi Heather,
      I was at a shower a few weekends ago and this was one of the gifts. A brilliant idea and very cool design. I downloaded the illustrator files so I could tweak them a bit and not all of the fonts were outlined, so I need to buy some of the fonts. Just wondering if there is a new link with the outlined files that I’m missing. I’d love to use these for many applications! Cheers to you for a wonderful concept and design!

  14. Kendra

    These are awesome. I am trying to create invites to match. Do you know the names of the fonts used? Or can you upload the illustrator versions as text?

  15. Barb

    I was wondering can you tell me how to get these wine tags in black and white? If I print in black and white the wording looks grey? Also what types of wine did you use for the basket? I need to get this made for a Bridal Shower this Saturday.


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  17. Cheyenne

    I love this! I was going to make my own, but why recreate the wheel! Thanks so much!

    I have a question though, can you email me the PDF in black? I don’t have illistrator. :(

    I tried to just print in black and white, but its really light.

    Thanks so much!!!

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  19. Susan

    Thank you for sharing this awesome gift! It was a big hit and I loved being able to personalize it with the correct colors for my friend’s wedding!

  20. Maranda

    Hello! I was wondering if you could send me this link for the tags! I have a bridal shower this weekend and that is a great idea!!! So creative!!! Thanks! :)

  21. Kate


    I have a basket all assembled with the poems already typed up, but after coming across your tags, I really adore them. However, I am going with a purple theme, and I don’t own the adobe illustrator, so would there be any chance you could email me them in purple?

    Thank you sooo much!

  22. Christine

    Hi Heather! I absolutely love this! But, I ran into a problem. I was not able to change the font color. So, I was wondering if you could change the color to navy for me? I think my brother’s fiance would love this! Just let me know and THANK YOU so much for this awesome idea :)

  23. Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

    Hey Everyone! I’m so glad you all love the tags so much! We’re working on making them available in every color! I’m going to reach out to you individually for the specific color requests. ;-)

  24. Sophia Termini

    I wish I could afford to buy adobe illustrator, but unfortunately I can’t right now. Would it be possible for someone who has illustrator to email me a version of the tags in a dark brown font? I would FOREVER be grateful. I’ve been trying to make my own version on powerpoint for the past few hours, to no avail.

    Thank you in advance!!

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  26. katie

    hi there!

    what an adorable idea! i plan to use these for a wedding in Indianapolis this weekend! is there any chance that you could send me the file in a purplish/pink color? magenta with a little bit of purple? would be greatly appreciated!


  27. Tristi

    This is such a fantastic idea! I’m going to make one for my wino friend! I’m going to add a tag for the first time they invite their fabulous friends (us!) over. If you’re looking for color suggestions, I need it in navy. Thanks!

  28. Tristi

    Oh, and can you share what wines you used for each tag??

  29. Lee

    I just gave a wine basket at a bridal shower today. Thank you sooooo much for the tags- they were perfect. Had lots of fun picking out the wine. The best was “His Fault” and “Her Fault” wines for the first fight.

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      Awesome to hear! Love the “his & her fault” wines…. I’m going to have to look for those next time!

  30. Ellen

    I would love the print outs in a Navy color! I just love this idea and have been looking into making the cards and came upon this website. Thanks so much

  31. Danielle

    Hi Heather,

    This is such a wonderful idea. My future sister in-law & brother would love this. Is there any way you could e-mail me the tags as a word document? Her color theme is purple so I was thinking of changing the font color if possible.
    Thanks so much,

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  33. Rachelle

    Hi, I love, love, love these. I need them in black, and don’t have illustrator to edit the color. Any way you can send them to me in black? I’d really, appreciate it. Thanks so much. :)

  34. Maureen

    Hi Heather-

    I love your labels!! So cute :) Would you be able to send me the labels in a word document. I would like to change the font color to grey. Thanks so much!!!

  35. Rachelle

    I’d also like to add their names to the poems to make them a little bit more personal. If you’re able to email me the file in word or a program other than illustrator, that would be great. Thanks so much!

  36. Teri

    I am unable to download the file. Could you email it to me? I love this idea!!

  37. Marley

    These tags are awesome! I best friend is getting married and she would LOVE this! Would you be able to e-mail me then in a word document? I would very very much appreciate it!

    Thank you!

  38. Michelle

    Hello! I don’t have illustrator, and I love this idea. Can you please send it to me in a marron/dark red color! Thank you sooo much!

  39. Aimee

    Hi Heather,
    I absolutely love these, but the green is so hard to read when I print it out. Is there anyway to make them a dark purple color… Or did you ever post the other colors you had made somewhere else?

    Thanks so much!

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      Hi Aimee – We’ll be uploading 12 new colors on Monday so check back then! – Heather

  40. Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

    Hey ladies – GOOD NEWS! We created 12 new color versions of these tags! Purple, pink, black, green, blue, etc!! I’ll be uploading them to our site so you can download on Monday so check back by lunchtime. So so happy you all like them!!!

  41. Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

    Good Morning All – just uploaded 12 new colors – check the link above!

  42. Jamie

    Thank You! This is such an awesome and cute idea!

  43. Amy

    Hi Heather! I LOVE these and am so excited to use them! Unfortunately, though, I have not been able to figure out the illustrator bit. But I did see that you posted the new colors. Thanks! One thing I noticed on those, though, is that there’s a typo: On the 2nd tag (First Fight) the “be” is left out in the phrase “be thankful.” I saw you that it was written as “be thankful” on your original tags. Also–I apologize for being so nit-picky, but I’m super particular :) –in the same phrase, I believe “women’s” should be “woman’s” with an “a.” This isn’t as big of a deal as the first, as it doesn’t change the way the poem reads, but I thought if you were going to change the other, maybe you’d be willing to change that for my picky butt, too. I’m hope this doesn’t come off critical because I think they’re wonderful!!! Those are just the couple of changes I would make if I was able to access the original illustrator! Let me know what you think!

  44. Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

    Good Catch Amy! You want a job as a proofreader? LOL I’ll have our designer make those corrections – Thanks!!!

  45. Amy

    Great, thanks! Any idea when that might be done by? I need to print them by this Saturday…cutting it close! And yeah, of course I’m only good at proofreading things NOT made by me. If I was the one making them, I’d make plenty of typos as well. Always helps to have an extra set of eyes :)

  46. Stephanie

    If it’s not too much trouble, would you be able to send me the files of the fonts you used? I am able to open the file in Illustrator but I must not have the same fonts that you do because the tags look a little jumbled around when I open them. If it’s too much of a pain for you I completely understand and I can print them as-is. Thanks!

  47. Gina

    Do you happen to have a list of the wines you have used???

  48. Tori

    Absolutely Love! You just saved my weekend! I have a bridal shower for a very dear friend this weekend. I ordered her a beautiful monogramed silver necklace (with her new initials, of course!) and I am in fear it won’t be here on time. This is a lovely gift and I can put it together in no time!

  49. Emily G

    This was so much fun to do!! Thank you for posting this, and giving such great step-by-step instructions. I have never considered myself particularly crafty, so it helped to see several pictures as well as the types of materials you used. I took this one step further and bought a clear shrink wrap bag from Michael’s, and used my hairdryer to wrap the entire basket. The bride and groom loved it, and it was very special because I had put work into their present.
    Thanks again,

  50. Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

    Love hearing this!! So glad it was an easy gift (and probably the cutest!) to make!!

  51. Becky

    This is a great bridal shower gift idea you have provided, Heather! I love the different color options especially since my daughter’s wedding colors are navy and yellow. Any idea when your designer will get the typos that were noted on 5/17 corrected? I cannot wait to get them printed and put together! Thank you very much for this tool!

  52. Lauren

    OMG, thank you!! My best friend is going to LOVE this!!!!

  53. Bonnie

    Is there any way I could get a list of the fonts you used? I would love to make this gift a little more personable! Thanks!!

  54. Jackie

    Heather… Love the idea, but was wondering how I might be able to use this format for a different poem.

  55. Stephanie bailey

    Found this idea on pinterest and am using it to put together a cute and quick wedding present for my boyfriends cousin who is getting married tomorrow. We had to make our own tags (which weren’t as cute) because we tweaked the contents to be more personal (o’dules or glass coke bottles) for the baby, jack Daniels for the first fight (pour a shot instead of pour a glass) etc. things we knew the couple would enjoy. I’m also excited to match the labels to different wine bottles. We thought first night in a new house or valentines day might be fun additions. Wonderful idea thanks so much for sharing !!

  56. cindy

    i love your wine basket idea. i’m having trouble downloading & opening the files for the tags. can you email it to me directly? thanks so much!

  57. Kristina

    Hi Heather!!
    What a GREAT idea! I am trying to put together a basket for my cousin’s wedding. I found the purple tags, but I was wondering if you could possibly send me a Word version so I could edit a few things. I would REALLY appreciate it.

    Thank you!!

  58. Benny

    This is absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for the downloadable tags, they’re great :D

  59. Jenny

    I love this idea and am putting a basket together for my best friend’s bridal shower gift! Could you post the types of wine you used for each occasion? (ie. names, red or white…)
    Thanks so much for such an awesome idea!

  60. Jess

    I just used the yellow template to make a basket of my own. Thanks so much for the awesome template and idea!!

  61. voice over talent

    I love what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work and coverage! Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my own blogroll.

  62. Kristin

    Love this idea! Super creative! Cold you please email me a version of the printing so I could change words around to personalize it! Thank you!

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  64. Tiffany Z

    I LOVE THIS! For some reason, when I download them the files don’t work =( Can you email the list of all colors?

  65. Fiona

    Hi Heather,
    What a fabulous idea! You have done such a great job with this gift. I am having trouble downloading the tags , is it possible to have them send to me in a different format?
    Thank you!

  66. Jessi

    This is an amazing idea… I am able to only view the tags from my phone. Everytime I try to open on my computer to print, it says I am unable to open. Is there anyway you could email me the templates? In addition, when you email me, is there a way to edit the verbiage?

  67. Brooke

    I have been searching for a unique and super cute gift and this is totally IT! Thank you so much for sharing this idea and the printable tags. I LOVE the poems! I look forward to making this and can’t wait to see how much my friend loves this gift :)

  68. Tiffany

    I LOVE the layout of these tags…but am also having trouble getting the files to open for the other colors.
    Could you please email them to me?


  69. Brianna

    is there any way you can e-mail me the file so i can change it a little this is a great gift but my friend is gay so i need to change the words a bit but what a wonderful idea i love it!

  70. Celena

    I love this idea and am excited about doing this for friends batchelorette party. I wa wondering If you could email this to me in a word format so that I could edit some of the wording to make it more personal.

  71. Kate

    Hi Heather!

    I only have photo shop, any chance you might have these in photo shop files? The couple I’m gifting these to already has a baby so all I need to do is change “first baby” to “next baby” and I need in brown. BUT I need to print by tomorrow and I really don’t want to leave that tag out. Let me know if you can help!

  72. Carolyn

    Great idea. Just an FYI regarding the poem tags available in different colors…the “FIRST FIGHT” tag
    is missing the the word “be” in the line “pour a glass & be thankful! Otherwise thanks for the great
    idea and all your help with this fun project!

  73. Brittany

    Hey! This is FANTASTIC! What wines did you use — I’m not much of the wine drinker and don’t want to pick bad ones for the basket :) Thanks!

  74. Nancy

    What a terrific idea! Maybe I could do wine for my daughter and beer for her fiance.
    Thanks so much for the download!!!

  75. Laura

    How did you format those tags? They look SO cool and I’d like to be able to use similar formatting for other projects.

  76. Kim

    Thank You so much for this idea AND for supplying the pdf’s! I added a bottle of sparkling apple cider for her for the first baby…an empty glass is no fun :-) I can’t wait to give it to my friend, I know her and her future husband will LOVE it!

  77. Krystal R {Mrs. Regueiro's Plate}

    Thank you for posting this and what a great idea and supplying the pdfs! I greatly appreciate it!!

  78. Kayla

    We are doing this for our best friends bridal shower gift next Saturday!! Love it, and thank you for the printables, they are perfect!!

  79. Maria

    Thank you so much for this – what a great idea! I just finished one for my sister’s shower and it looks so great! I swapped out the Baby & the Dinner Party for Honeymoon & New Home. I loved picking out the wines to go with each occassion!

  80. Patty Stempsey

    Love this gift idea and hope to use it for a shower this weekend. However, the files in the different colors (I am either using purple or black) do not have the typos previously reported corrected. First Fight is missing the “be” before thankful, and “women’s” should be “woman’s”. Will corrected versions be available any time soon? Thank you.

  81. Renee

    Love the idea and the cards especially, could you send me a word version so I can edit it to make it personal? I can’t wait to give it to my girlfriend, she is going to love it :)

  82. Laura

    I can’t get the file to open, I keep getting invalid file. Any suggestions?

  83. kyan

    Can you please email me this in a Word file? I think this is beautiful but can’t open it.

  84. sondra

    Hi heather,
    I absolutely love this Idea!! I have a wedding this weekend and I would love to do this for the bride and grrom. Is there a link or a way to get the quotes that are on the tabs? I have been googling tags and saying and i am coming up with nothing.

    Thanks in advance heather!!!

  85. Kinsley

    Is it possible to get you to email me the corrected purple or black cards? The green is updated but the other colors! Can’t wait to give these! I received a wine basket like this for my wedding shower and I think my husband still talks about how much he liked it! Thanks so much!

  86. Jamie

    Love it!!!! Wondering if you would be able to email me a format that I can edit? Wanted to go in and change a one of them to be more personal. Thank you!

  87. klee

    Thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to give this amazing gift today at a shower!

  88. Chantal

    Amazing idea…thanks so much for sharing!!

  89. Julie Ann Stuck

    I created a basket as a wedding gift. I used your poems, printed in red on white card stock. I trimmed them and then mounted on Mickey Mouse scrapbook paper since that was the theme of wedding and honeymoon. I used red/black crinkle paper and ribbon. I also included wine glasses for red/white wine. It was so fun!
    Thanks for the poems!

  90. Aubrea

    I cannot get the other PDF Files to open for the other colors. Any way to make this happen? Please e-mail me directly if so. Thanks! PS THIS IS AMAZING!!!

  91. Krista

    Hey, great gift idea!! I’m thinking of using it for a shower next weekend. Is there anyway you can email me the word version of this? My computer wont open the pdf files.

    thanks so much!!

  92. Erika

    Love your text. I was planning on doing the wedding poem but was looking for cute labels. Any chance you have it in Word? I’d like to add their names into the baby wine bottle.


  93. Jaclyn Trebing

    Hello- Can you please send me the link to download the file so I can edit your template on my own? Thank you!! Love the idea!!!

  94. Tonya

    I love this idea! I can’t get the link to open can I have them emailed? Thanks:)

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      should be working now. ;-)

  95. Nicole

    Can you email the link to print these in blue? None of the links on this page are working for me.

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      should be working now ;-)

  96. Laura

    I was trying to download the links to the PDF , as well as the design files. Unfortunately, I received an error saying the page wasn’t found. Can you send me the files? Love this idea!!

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      Ah – good catch! The files didn’t transfer when we launched the new site today! I just fixed it so you should be able to download now. ;-)

  97. Jen

    Hi, I LOVE your idea but I’m still unable to launch the PDF. Are you able to email me the green link? Thanks.

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      ah – fixed now – should be all set to download.

  98. Ashley

    This is a fantastic idea! I would love the tags, but every time I try to download them, I get an error that says page not found. Is it possible to email them?

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      fixed now – should be all set to download!

  99. peggy braaten

    Thanks for the great tags and adorable idea! When I open the purple tags, the “be” before thankful is still missing on the tag for “First Fight”. I noticed your earlier post that you were fixing this, but all the colors except the original green still have the error. Thanks so much for you help!

    • Diane

      I’m seeing the same issue on the Red, along with the missing correction of “woman’s” on the same tag.

    • AJ

      Peggy- did you ever get a response to this? Doesn’t look like they have been fixed yet, but was wondering if you got an email or something. Thanks

  100. Erin

    I love this idea! I’m trying to make a couple tags of my own, would you mind posting or sending me the fonts that you used?


  101. Stacey

    What are some wines that were used?
    Thank you

    • Denise

      I have used mad housewife for first fight; mommys time out for first baby; house wine for first dinner party; honeymoon for wedding night; st nicks for first Christmas; naked grape for first anniversary. I was able to find most of them at Binnys.

  102. Jackie Skorupa

    I am having trouble finding a wine for 1st Anniv and Christmas. Any suggestions would be great. Also could you send me size of fonts you used also?
    Absolutely love this idea. Making for my daughters wedding in Sept.
    Thank you so much.

  103. Kaitlin

    I LOVE this idea! The link for the color option tags does not open when I click on it. Is there any way you can e-mail me the pdf file?
    Thank you

  104. Sharon

    Any chance we can get this in an InDesign file…or can you tell me the font names? I love this, but I was going add a few more “firsts”. Thanks!

  105. donna

    cute idea! what wines did you use for the tags?

  106. donna

    cute idea what wines did you use for the tags?

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      Um… let me see. We used Mad Housewife, Veuve Cliquot, and a nice Red and nice White (no particular brand). Really, the wines that have cute, fun names or labels I’d look for. ;-)

  107. Katie

    Can you tell us where you got the wine labels? I can see the picture/label that you put on the “first fight” tag/wine. It has the “Mad Housewife” picture on it. Did you do this for all of them?

  108. Kari

    I absolutely love this!! I am going to do this for my cousin! Do you mind emailing the link to the other colors? It is not letting me open it on the website! Sorry!! Thank you!!!


    • Lauren

      Yes, I am having the same issue – can you please e-mail me the colored options?

      Thank you!

  109. Ashlie

    Is it possible to get an “ai” file that can be edited? I want to add a seventh tag.


    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      There should be the .ai files available in the last link sentence above.

  110. Nancy

    i absolutely love this idea!! thank you so much for this! just made my basket and i’m so happy!

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  112. Missie

    Has anyone done something like this for a baby shower? Baby milestones? If so, I’d appreciate hearing what you wrote…

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      We’re working on one now actually! ;-)

  113. Cathy Taylor

    Love this idea..but I can’t seem to open the files..can you resend and I can try again?

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      Did you have any luck?

  114. Cathy Taylor

    I am actually looking for pink..

  115. cathy

    Love this idea….I cant download ..can you resend the link so I can revise to personalize it? tx

  116. A.J.

    Hi Heather,

    Love these, just checking on the fix for the other colors. I’d love to print out the blue ones, but wanted to get the “be” added before “thankful” and I don’t have illustrator. Thank you!

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      Fixed and available at the links above!

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  118. Holly

    I love this idea and the tags you made are so awesome. I did notice that only the green set says, “Be thankful” on the first fight tag. The other colors leave out the word “Be” ~ is there any way you could send me the blue tags with the “Be” added? I don’t mean to be critical. I am so grateful that you posted this wonderful resource! I just don’t have Adobe Illustrator to be able to change it myself. I would so appreciate your help.

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      Fixed and uploaded! ;-)

  119. Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

    Hi Gals! First I am SO SORRY it took me so long to get to this – busy making a magazine and growing into Florida over here! ;-) I have FINALLY updated the printables to include the correct tags with grammer and spelling corrections. If you find any others, please let me know ( Yes – I’m an Editor, but I’m terrible at proofing my own stuff!).

  120. Melissa

    Hi Heather!
    Thank you for taking so much time to respond to everyone and meet so many requests! I was just wondering why the page for the zip file isn’t working? I only have Corel, so it’s not allowing me to open it.

    Thanks so much!

  121. Rita

    Could you please email me the PDF for the tags so I too can change the colors…..My granddaughter is having her shower and her colors and purple and lavender….
    Thank You

  122. Lindsey


    Thanks so much for uploading the different colored tags! I’m using the purple for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower….she absolutely loves wine and her wedding is a champagne theme!!! This will be the perfect gift for her :)

  123. Chelsea

    Is there any way to change the last two sentences of the baby one to “Even though she must toast with this sparkling cider, in nine months she’ll have bubbly with baby beside her!” If not, can you tell me how I can do it on my own? Love the idea and I am having a ton of fun putting it together! Thanks!

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      The only way to edit the tags is to use adobe illustrator ( that’s the original program I created them in).

  124. Debora

    Hi Heather,
    I absolutely love your tags! My daughter & I are putting this basket together for my son and his fiancee. We have created some other topic labels and would love to have them match your labels that we are using. I tried to download the program you posted to use and it will not open on my computer. Can you tell me what program it is? Thanks for any help. We are excited for them to open their gift!

  125. Jacky

    I have seen this done in the past and I have even given it as a gift, but I have never seen it done so well!! Thank you for sharing and providing the tag downloads. I have a bridal shower coming up and I am using what you have provided.

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      awesome and thanks for the compliment! Good luck and post a picture of your gift basket on our facebook page when it’s completed!

  126. Krista

    We’re doing this for my future sister-in-law! It’s the perfect gift for them. However, the downloadable link goes to an unfound page. We had wanted to tweak some of the language to make it more “them.” Could you update that link?

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      Just fixed the link!

  127. Emily

    I love, love, love this idea!! MY sister is getting married, she and her fiance’ love wine! I’m planning on doing this basket for her shower. Could you email me the other color options?? I am able to download the green, but would love the purple! Thank you so much for this awesome idea!!

  128. Richard DeFeo

    It would be nice if you would put the fonts with the Illustrator files. It does not work without them. Just an idea….

    Richard DeFeo

  129. Brigid

    Love the idea! Thanks for providing the tags!!

  130. Danielle

    Heather I am working in this project this weekend but can’t seem to get the link for other color tags to open. Help?

  131. Stacey

    This is such a great idea!!! I can’t seem to be able to open ny of the files for the tags is there anyway you could email them to me?
    Thanks so much


  132. stella

    beautiful idea. Thinking of doing it for a expecting mom using non-alcoholic. any poem ideas?

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      Hi Stella! We are working on a baby shower one now – just tried to a poet to partner with! I’ve got the design skills… just not so much on the rhyming! LOL! To be continued….

  133. Laura

    Thank you, thank you!! I’ve been seeing this idea all over Pinterest but it took me a LONG time to find someone who posted documents so that I can print them myself. I might have to download Illustrator so I can personalize.!

  134. Andrea

    Hey these are great! If you have time would you be able to send me the link for the different color options…for some reason it will not open through this site. Thanks so much!!

  135. Jaclyn

    Hi Heater!! Thank you so much for posting these! They are SO great!! I can’t wait to use it for my sisters shower!! Is there anyway you can send me the purple tags in a word document so I can alter a few of them? Like i want to put the bride and grooms name in the wedding night tag before “a perfect pair!”. I also have two new poems I think you should add to your collection! They are so great. Send me an email and I will provide you with the two new poems to add to this! Then we can work on getting them on tags and onto your awesome site for us to print! Thanks!!

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      Hi Jacklyn – the original file is an adobe illustrator file and can’t be converted to word document – sorry! I’ll shoot you an email about the 2 new poems – would love to see them!

  136. Katrina

    Hi I love the tags!!! I want to use them for my sister’ shower but when I click on the link for the other colors its a zip file not a pdf. Can you fix it so I can open it or send me an email with the blue tags. Thanks

  137. karen

    Love this idea.This is a fantastic site! I was wondering .. I need to print 2 more tags one for New Years Eve and Valentine’s Day. I have the poems, but I cannot print new ones because I do not have the program you suggested to use in the April 8th 2013 posting.

    Is there another way I would be able to print these two tags? Time is running out , my shower is this coming Saturday so a quick reply would be very much appreciated.Thank you.

    So helpful

  138. Smash

    Thank you Heather! The bride to be I’m organising the shower for is a wine snob and into her poetry as well! :-) This is perfect for her. Thank you so much for sharing.

  139. adriana

    Love these! is there anyway you can create other additional ones? (such as first new year’s eve and girl’s night out)

  140. Jaclyn

    Hi Heather! Can you please contact me? Thanks!!

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  142. Jodi

    So doing this for my Sister-in-Law’s bachelorette party. She will definitely get more use out of this gift than some of the other crazy gifts she’ll be getting. =)

    thank you for doing this and making it available to everyone!!

  143. Julie

    Is there any chance you can email me mint green ones? I am having trouble getting the different colors to look at. I LOVE this idea, thank you so much!!!

    • Julie

      My shower is coming up in two weeks, is there a better way to get the mint color? I have limited printer access. Thank you for your help! I truly appreciate it. LOVE thiS IDEA!!!

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  145. Lee Ann

    Love this idea, would you please let me know which wines you used for each poem?

  146. angie

    I am not able to download these. Can you send to me via email?
    Thank you

  147. editor free label wine « Cloninger Wine Cloninger Wine

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  148. Lee Ann Ross

    Would like help on what wine to get for First Christmas…the shower is in August and I can not find a “christmas wine” yet.

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      Most certainly! There is a fabulous red wine that goes great with Turkey – Beaujolais Nouveau! My favorite!

  149. Ami

    Good morning! I’m super excited to make this gift for my soon to be sister-in-law however can’t seem to get the file for different colors to download. If you could please email me the file with more colors it would be greatly appreciated!

    This is an amazing gift idea and so generous of you to share your hard work!

    Thanks in advance


  150. Amanda

    What a GREAT idea! I cannot wait to give this to my girlfriend as a part of her wedding gift. Thank goodness for the templates :) Thank you so much!

  151. Desiree'

    This is an awesome gift idea! I will be using it for years to come!! :)

  152. Lindsay

    Heather, these are going to be a perfect gift for my sister’s wedding shower. I found tags like these that were $20 or more! I’m so appreciative that someone with more tech savvy and creativity than I posted these as free downloads. My sister is quite the wine snob, as is her husband so these will definitely be a hit. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    • Heather Vreeland Heather Vreeland

      You are quite welcome! ;-)

  153. Dawn

    Hi! These are great! I am making for a late wedding gift and was wondering if there are any other “firsts” available (it’s too late for “wedding night”).
    Thanks so much!

  154. Erin

    Hi Heather,

    I am having trouble opening the additional color options link. Any chance you can email all of them to me at

    Thank you so much,


  155. Kerry

    Hi Heather,

    Thanks so much for sharing your labels! I am using the tags and the idea for my best friend’s bridal shower (this upcoming Sunday!). I still haven’t purchased the wine yet though. What would you recommend for each tag? Please let me know! :)

    Thanks again and awesome job!
    – Kerry

  156. Helen

    Such a cute idea! I’m having trouble downloading the different colors. Would you mind e-mailing me these in red? Thanks so much!

  157. Barbi

    Love this basket and love the way you made the tags. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to add the bride and groom’s names even after downloading and saving into a file. Any suggestions on how I can do that? Thanks so much! And thank you for providing this for everyone to share.

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  159. Cari

    Thank you for sharing! This is just what I was looking for, but just don’t have the time to create! Thanks again.

  160. Chelsea

    Thank you SOO much for posting these files! I was just about to purchase a digital file on Etsy because although I have the poems, I don’t have any cute fonts on my PC! Thanks for all the colors, too! I had no problem downloading the zip files. Worked perfectly! My sister will LOVE them!

  161. Lisa

    Hi! I love this! But i’m having the PDF file wont open for me, would you be able to email me the document? I’d love to use it for my brother in law and his wife at their wedding! thank you!

  162. Nicole

    I can’t download the other colors can you please email the cards in the purple?? Thanks such a cute idea

  163. Annie

    I loved this idea! I just made it for my friends bridal shower on Saturday and paired it with some wine glasses off her registry! I used manogomy for wedding night, 47 friends for dinner party, cupcake for first anniversary, Bella Sera for Christmas Eve (because she spends Christmas in Italy), mad house wife for first fight, and relax for first baby :). Her and I are wine friends so I know she’ll love it! I was able to find all these wines at schnucks and got them on a Wednesday so I got 15% off! I had so much fun making this thanks for idea!!!

  164. Crafty Engagement Part II | Living. Learning. Loving.

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  165. Mary

    Love what you have done with the graphics. And the poems. Great job. The couple I wish to give this to is unsure about children, so would leave that out. Also would like to add a few more bottles. Would you have any poems for first Thanksgiving, Valentines, New Years or other? Thank you.

  166. Sarah

    I love this idea!! Is there anyway you could email the link so I could add the bride’s name to a few of the tags? Also, I’m wanting to add two more tags. Is that possible?

  167. Teri

    Hi, In some of the comments, you mentioned an Adobe Illustrator version so changes could be made. I don’t see that link. Is it still available? Thanks so much!

  168. Megan

    I saw these tags at a shower I was at yesterday and absolutely LOVED the basket! I would love to do the same thing for an upcoming shower and with few more added. I know it says the link for editable tags are no longer posted, but is it possible to get that link in an email so I could personalize them a little bit and additional ones? Also you mentioned in an earlier post that you were working on tags for a baby shower. I didn’t know if these had been created or not. I would love to do a basket for funny first baby milestones.
    Thanks for this AMAZING post!

  169. Nancy Williams

    What a great idea! We are planning on doing this for a Stock The Bar shower. We appreciate you sharing the labels and idea.

  170. Gifts: The Wedding Night Gift Basket | My Blog

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  171. Denise

    Hi! I love these and plan to use them for the shower I am planning. I would like to add a few others is there a way that you could do that?

  172. Sunny Soirees

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  173. ashley bolser

    I absolutely love this design. I have the wine to make 2 for summer weddings coming up for a cousin and my best friend! I was wondering if you could send me the tags in hot pink and a second version in purple to match their wedding colors. I would greatly appreciate it!

  174. sarah

    Love love the idea but cannot get the file to download for the poems… could you email them to me please

  175. Lori Molkenthin

    Hello! Love, love, love your tags! They are by far my favorite font and color….could you possibly make ones for Valentine’s Day and I think it was the Wedding Night or Honeymoon. I’ll have to check that last one? I know we had 8 occasions.

    Please let me know.


  176. Colleen

    Love, love, love. Anyway you could email me the PDF or send it to me in black font? Thanks!

  177. Marie

    Hi Heather!! I am in love with your tags, and I have been working on trying to do something similar. do you still have the editable form that I could make additional ones like First Valentines Day and New Years Eve? I would really really appreciate it.. My email is I am also going to try and contact you via email. Thank you again! These are amazing

  178. Stacy

    Thank you so much for the PDF files!! I was going to try to re-create from some pictures I saw on Pinterest, but you’ve saved me (probably) hours of work!! Thank you, thank you!

  179. Janine

    I absolutely love this idea. I am hosting my sisters Bridal shower in a months time and have been racking my brain for a thoughtful gift for her and her new hubby-to-be! Thank You!

  180. Susan

    Adorable..and so perfect! I have 2 showers coming up in the next few weeks, and would LOVE to use this idea! So fitting for both couples! If you happen to still have the editable tags available, I would love them in both purple and navy (or blue)….if at all possible! Thanks so much….cant wait to get started!

  181. vanessa

    Firstly, THANK YOU for posting these and making them free. I am HUGELY grateful! I am planning my sister’s shower and these are BEAUTIFUL ! Thank you!

  182. Kerri

    Thanks for the creative download! I did this for my sister’s bridal shower over four years ago. We did a wine and cheese party and this was a perfect gift! I just downloaded the purple for another shower I’m planning this weekend.

  183. Annie

    Thank you so much for sharing these with us! Very generous to share your creations for free and shame on those who snatched them up and sold them…..there’s a reason we can’t have nice things! You rule, really appreciate it!!!!

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