Art-y Party: Host a Painting Party for the Kids!

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Two summers ago, a family that I babysit for asked me to help with an end of the school year party they were throwing for their friends. Of course I accepted because who says no to helping at a fun party? The theme was an art party and it ended up being one of the cutest parties I have been to. Its the perfect way to end the school year and of course say hello to summer time. Don’t be afraid of getting messy because the best art is the messiest!

How cute are these invitations? I think the color scheme for an art party should be really colorful and of course your primary colors are the best for making things “pop.” I love the paint dripping at the top, it looks so real and so fun. Being the font nerd that I am, I am loving these two fonts a mix of script with a simple block serif. It would be really cute to get envelopes of all different colors to mail out the invitations, sort of like a rainbow of envelopes! This Etsy seller also offers a wide variety of paper goods that match this theme: fun banners, thank you cards and a welcome sign all to match! (via Live Well Lived  )

One thing I remember thinking was so cute at the art party I helped out was, these cute cake balls put on artist palettes. All you need are some cardboard artist palettes that you can find at the craft store for not that much money and then you make your cake balls in all different colors then place them on the palette. So cute right? A tasty and artsy little treat! (via Paper and Cake)

There are so many fun food ideas when it comes to hosting an art party that I couldn’t just share one! These painter’s brush rice krispies will be a smashing masterpiece amongst your guests. You can buy rice krispies already made and simply dip them into different colored icing and then put them on a stick or make rice krispies homemade and do the same. I can guarantee the kids at the party will be asking for more! (via Catch my Party)

It wouldn’t be an art party without creating some art right? I love this idea of getting large canvasses and laying them out in the yard so each child can create their own masterpiece. Canvas can be a little expensive so unless you hit it when they are having a sale, it may be a little unaffordable to purchase large canvasses. Luckily there are all types of sizes and the smaller ones can be much more affordable. Just set them up on a table outside and have the kids go to town on their own paintings. Another great idea would be to get a large  roll of butcher paper and hang it up across a fence and have the kids kind of create a mural of their different artwork, it would be a great keepsake to have to remember the party! (via J&J Home)

Another great artsy party idea would be to pick up a bunch of canvas totes at the craft store and pull out your rubber stamps and have the kids customize their own totebags. If you are having them make other crafts throughout the party, this bag would be the perfect thing for them to carry home all their goodies from the party in. I love a useful party favor and this tote bag could be use throughout the summer wherever the child may go! (via Paper and Cake)


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    We LOVE a BIG, fun, messy, artistic time and are really enjoying expressing our creativity with our Art Party invitations and accessories! – THANKS SO MUCH for helping us show them off!
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